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Inspiring and educating children about sustainability and the natural environment through exciting hands-on experiences including school camp, summer camp, workshops and forest school. Based in Cornwall, our focus is green education, and our mission is to reconnect and engage children with the natural world, inspiring them to live more sustainably. 


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International environmental adventurers unite!

Claire Coombe

Yesterday morning an intrepid group of environmental adventurers gathered on platform 1 at Paddington ready to set off for Camp Kernow and an action packed 6 days far from the concrete jungle! Some were reuniting from the previous year's camp while for others it would be their first experience. Meanwhile children from as far afield as Berlin, France and Spain made their way to Truro and we all came together at Malpas from which we made the final ascent up to camp. 

After a tour of camp with Charlie to discover how we live off-grid, the group found out who their tent buddies would be and were challenged with crossing a toxic river using 'stepping stones' in order to decide who would get first choice of the sleeping structures! Lets just say it got quite competitive as the groups battled it out to ensure they got their first choice of tent!

A few more icebreakers to get to know one another and then it was time for dinner for which the first cooking crew made the most delicious homemade burgers. After dinner it was time for team challenges, some deluxe hot chocolates around the fire circle and then bedtime!

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful sunshine and a cooking team got to work in the kitchen while a harvesting crew headed to the garden to pick the day's produce. We harvested the most enormous (and delicious) moonstar watermelon and 5kg of tomatoes which were later made into tomato soup for tomorrow. After breakfast we split into 5 groups and during today have enjoyed forging with a Blacksmith, stone carving, green woodworking, leatherwork and animal tracking. We're headed off to the woods tonight for a Wild Woodland Walk and then an early night in order to be up and out on the river in our kayaks tomorrow morning with the high tide.