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Inspiring and educating children about sustainability and the natural environment through exciting hands-on experiences including school camp, summer camp, workshops and forest school. Based in Cornwall, our focus is green education, and our mission is to reconnect and engage children with the natural world, inspiring them to live more sustainably. 


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5 day environmental adventure day 2

Charlie Nicholson

We woke up to another day of glorious sunshine and, while a group of children worked together in the kitchen to prepare us a delicious breakfast, the rest frantically tidied their tents ahead of the first inspection...dun dun dunnn! 

We enjoyed blueberry and banana pancakes hot off the griddle and then began our first activity of the day - animal tracking and natural navigation with Angie. Emma, a very talented local artist came in the afternoon to introduce children to the Japanese art of Hikaru Dorodango which involved getting very messy with mud!

To cool off after we played some team challenges which culminated in buckets of water being thrown! A team of chefs got to work in the kitchen making homemade burgers, coleslaw and potato salad for dinner which we followed with fresh blackberries picked from the hedgerow with strawberries, cream and meringue.

After dinner is was time for a woodland walk and a chance encounter with the Woodsman of Moresk who introduced the group to all manner of creatures including tickydews, snortlewinks, airy mice and radgels before sharing with them the ancient story of Husdent the moondog of Moresk.