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Inspiring and educating children about sustainability and the natural environment through exciting hands-on experiences including school camp, summer camp, workshops and forest school. Based in Cornwall, our focus is green education, and our mission is to reconnect and engage children with the natural world, inspiring them to live more sustainably. 

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hands-on workshops in schools exploring sustainability and renewable energy technologies

...bringing exciting and innovative hands-on workshops exploring sustainability to children and young people in schools across Cornwall.

Sustainability education is brought to life for children with hands-on workshops exploring renewable energy technologies, the challenges of climate change and ways in which we, both individually and collectively, can make a positive impact. We work with children of all ages in schools across the county and beyond to assist in the delivery of green education. 

A typical full day’s outreach incorporates four sessions lasting 60-75 minutes each. You can choose two topics in one day for example two sessions on solar and two on wind, or have one themed day across year groups. Each session is suitable for up to 30 children.

Workshops are conducted inside a large ‘Planet Earth’ structure which can be erected in your school hall or other large indoor space. 

To book call 01872 885779 or email

solar explorer

Explore the power of the sun and discover how it provides the basis for all life on earth. Investigate how sunlight can be harnessed to make renewable energy and build a solar powered jiggling monster!

Construct solar ovens to explore the principles of insulation and solar thermal energy and discover how this technology can be used to heat our homes.

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Investigate the potential and kinetic energy of water and construct a hydro-electric turbine to convert the energy of moving water into electricity. Explore how water is a renewable resource and the benefits this can have for our planet.

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Camp Kernow has supported us in teaching our children what is important for their future and that of the world. The children are learning to become global citizens and we are delighted that Camp Kernow has had a real, practical and valuable part to play in this process.
— Gill Harper, St Columb Minor Academy

wind power

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Investigate where wind comes from and how it’s energy has been harnessed by us throughout history. Discover how wind turbines work by assembling your own small scale device and designing the blades, before testing your turbine outdoors.  Generate, measure and store electricity and evaluate your turbine blade design. 

I learnt how wind turbines work and it’s quite complicated! I was surprised to see that different shaped turbines could make such a difference with the amount of electricity they produce. Every team produced enough energy to power a double A battery! Your workshop opened my eyes to what we’ve done to the world and I promise to save as much electricity as I can.
— Slyvia, Year 5 pupil St Minver School

Each workshop was exciting, stimulating and well matched to the age of children in each group. The children were totally engrossed in their activities and were able to tell the teacher about the benefits of sustainable energy, from
the youngest to the oldest. The discussion with the school council members was particularly helpful as it enabled them to have a more focused approach to our ‘Eco-Schools’ work.
— Julie Simpson, Headteacher, Antony School

Wave energy

Discover how we can transfer the energy of our oceans waves into clean electricity. Explore how waves are made and learn more about the Wave Hub project happening right here on our doorstep in Hayle. We've developed small scale working models of a wave energy device which children will assemble and test to generate electricity and discover more about how this newly emerging technology works. 

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My best activity was when we were generating electricity by using the power of the waves. It was one of the highlights of my year at school.
— Finn, Year 6, Gwinear School


Trace the journey of one of our most important natural resources and learn more about the water cycle. Investigate what it would be like to live in a country where access to clean water is limited through our ‘balance the bucket’ game. Explore why it is important to conserve water and discover how much energy is required to get clean water to our taps through our water filtration experiment.

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