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Inspiring and educating children about sustainability and the natural environment through exciting hands-on experiences including school camp, summer camp, workshops and forest school. Based in Cornwall, our focus is green education, and our mission is to reconnect and engage children with the natural world, inspiring them to live more sustainably. 

Environmental Adventure 18th to 23rd August 2019

The environmental adventure begins...!

Claire Coombe

Environmental Adventurers arrived at camp today ready to begin an action packed, off-grid, fun filled six days of summer camp. It's wonderful to bring together young people from across the world to share this off-grid experience and learn from one another. Eighteen environmental adventurers boarded the train at London Paddington bound for Cornwall while those coming from closer to camp were dropped off and took part in a short hike up the hill to reach their final destination. 

It was great to welcome back some familiar faces from previous years alongside some new campers from across the world including the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, France and, of course, the UK!

After a few games to get to know one another it was time to find out which structure would be home for the next six days and who their tent buddies would be. Then it was time to move in and make themselves at home before going on a tour of camp to find out more about how we can all live here off-grid. Adventurers discovered where our water comes from, how we can pump it up from underground using solar energy and heat it using solar thermal panels. They also found out how we can clean our dirty water using a reed-bed and how composting toilets work to turn number 2’s into rich, fertile soil for the plants! Nothing gets wasted here, even the used hand towels have a second life as paper bricks which can be burned to heat water when the sun isn’t shining.

After settling in it was time to think about food and a team of harvesters went to the garden to get lots of lovely fresh produce. Then it was the turn of the chefs to turn these ingredients into a delicious dinner. 

A dusk meditative walk got everyone thinking about the importance of being in the moment and connecting with nature. We learned some techniques which can help us focus, be in the moment and really experience it rather than have our minds elsewhere thinking of past events or wondering about whats to come tomorrow. Being in nature can be an incredibly powerful and positive experience for our wellbeing if we take the time to appreciate it. 

Everyone will be getting ready for bed soon and resting up after their travels ready for a busy day of activities tomorrow including technical tree climbing, silk screen printing and a chance to experience the ancient sport of Archery.