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Inspiring and educating children about sustainability and the natural environment through exciting hands-on experiences including school camp, summer camp, workshops and forest school. Based in Cornwall, our focus is green education, and our mission is to reconnect and engage children with the natural world, inspiring them to live more sustainably. 

Environmental Adventure 18th to 23rd August 2019

Camp awards ceremony and farewell to new friends

Claire Coombe

What a week of adventure it was rounded off with a night sleeping under the stars in shelters we constructed. Everyone work up bright and early in the woods and we enjoyed breakfast cooked on the campfire before heading  back up to camp for breakfast and a chance to pack ahead of departure.

Adventurers had been nominating one another for awards over the previous two days and the award ceremony was a chance to celebrate everyone’s unique contribution to camp life.

A few things to note about the handmade items they may have returned home with:

  • T-shirts need to be ironed inside and out before being washed for the first time to ensure the printing ink is fixed.

  • Wooden mallets need to be kept in a shed or somewhere else cool while they season.

If your child would like to stay in touch with anyone from camp and didn’t have a chance to exchange details please do let me know and, if you’re happy for me to do so, I can send your contact details to the child’s parents so they can connect. 

If your child/ren would like to return to camp next summer we have an returning adventurers early bird discount making the total cost of camp £499 if booked before the end of September. No need for a promo code as the discount will be applied to the final balance amount. You can find details of 2020 environmental adventure dates here.

Wild Wood camp out

Claire Coombe

Today was another action packed day for adventurers with aerial trapeze, firelighting, rope work & natural beauty all on the agenda. Over at the forge it was a hive of activity with Tristan the Blacksmith, banging, heating and shaping iron into toasting forks and other useful items which will probably outlive us! Some incredible toasting fork designs were dreamt up including a gazelle head handle and an ice cream cone!

Later in the afternoon bushcraft and survival expert Ross shared with us the secrets to creating a good shelter before we packed up and headed to the forest for a wild wood sleep out. Dinner was cooked over the campfire and we enjoyed some turbo s’mores for dessert. We were then treated to an evening of performance under the moonlight with an array of talent on display including singing, comedy and impressions. It’s torches off now as everyone gets tucked up for a night under the stars in the their shelters.

Traditional crafts- learning from the experts...

Claire Coombe

Today was an exciting day as we split into small groups to try out activities including forging, survival skills, green woodworking, natural dyeing, trapeze and felting. Naomi from Creative Roots shared her skills in felt making and taught campers how to card sheepswool and, using a large pebble, mould the carded wool into a useful pouch. The wool was made hot then cold and rubbed and smoothed until it all bound together into a thick and durable felt. 

While some were learning survival skills and felt others joined Tristan at the forge. For first-timers to camp there was the opportunity to forge a toasting fork for marshmallows, while those returning built on their previous year’s experience. 

In the evening Ross taught everyone how some simple everyday objects could be used in a multitude of ways in a survival situation and a really clever way of telling which way is south using just a watch face.

Tonight is the last night at base camp as tomorrow we decamp and head for a final night in the forest putting all of our firelighting, shelter building and campfire cooking skills into practice with a wild wood sleep out! 

The off-grid adventure continues...

Claire Coombe

Today began bright and early with a cooking crew in the kitchen preparing breakfast while a harvesting team brought back fresh produce from the food garden. After fuelling up for the day it was time to begin activities. Some went on a wild food forage with Greg to discover what edible and medicinal plants can be found along the hedgerows while others scaled the dizzy heights of the climbing wall. Pizza dough was also made along with some delicious fruit crumbles.

Later on the cob oven was fired up and we all enjoyed scrumptious wood fired pizzas fresh from the oven Sharon the Falconer came after dinner and brought along Rocky the Barn Owl and Shadow the Buzzard - two birds we often hear at camp but rarely have the opportunity to meet at close quarters. 

The evening ended around the campfire under clear skies and a blanket of stars. Tomorrow is a really busy day Tristan the Blacksmith will be here on the forge, Tree and Pema will be teaching trapeze skills and Naomi will be here running a felting workshop.

Monkeying around....!

Claire Coombe

Today adventurers headed deep into the woods to experience technical tree climbing using ropes to ascend high into the canopy, swing upside down and even sit on a branch and hang out, quite literally!

While some were busy in the treetops others were drawing and cutting out original designs which were transferred from paper onto a silk screen and then onto a t-shirt to be taken home at the end of camp. Please note t-shirts should be ironed both sides before being washed in order to fix the printing ink!

On the archery range others were learning the ancient sport of Archery under Charlie’s expert instruction. Everyone experienced all three activities over the course of the day before coming together for a delicious veggie curry and an evening of team challenges requiring the ultimate in teamwork and demanding a combination of ingenuity, communication, co-ordination and determination! 

Tomorrow we’re firing up the cob oven for wood fired pizzas, wild food foraging and scaling the 6m tower on a climbing mission!

The environmental adventure begins...!

Claire Coombe

Environmental Adventurers arrived at camp today ready to begin an action packed, off-grid, fun filled six days of summer camp. It's wonderful to bring together young people from across the world to share this off-grid experience and learn from one another. Eighteen environmental adventurers boarded the train at London Paddington bound for Cornwall while those coming from closer to camp were dropped off and took part in a short hike up the hill to reach their final destination. 

It was great to welcome back some familiar faces from previous years alongside some new campers from across the world including the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, France and, of course, the UK!

After a few games to get to know one another it was time to find out which structure would be home for the next six days and who their tent buddies would be. Then it was time to move in and make themselves at home before going on a tour of camp to find out more about how we can all live here off-grid. Adventurers discovered where our water comes from, how we can pump it up from underground using solar energy and heat it using solar thermal panels. They also found out how we can clean our dirty water using a reed-bed and how composting toilets work to turn number 2’s into rich, fertile soil for the plants! Nothing gets wasted here, even the used hand towels have a second life as paper bricks which can be burned to heat water when the sun isn’t shining.

After settling in it was time to think about food and a team of harvesters went to the garden to get lots of lovely fresh produce. Then it was the turn of the chefs to turn these ingredients into a delicious dinner. 

A dusk meditative walk got everyone thinking about the importance of being in the moment and connecting with nature. We learned some techniques which can help us focus, be in the moment and really experience it rather than have our minds elsewhere thinking of past events or wondering about whats to come tomorrow. Being in nature can be an incredibly powerful and positive experience for our wellbeing if we take the time to appreciate it. 

Everyone will be getting ready for bed soon and resting up after their travels ready for a busy day of activities tomorrow including technical tree climbing, silk screen printing and a chance to experience the ancient sport of Archery.